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Best type of Grass for Waxhaw & Mint Hill NC?

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Most of the lawns in the Charlotte area are either (Cool Season) Tall Fescue or (Warm Season) Bermuda with a few (Warm Season) lawns that are Zoysia.  Charlotte area and northern South Carolina is called the Transition Zone. It is an area that runs across our country where we are on the southern edge of getting a cool season grass to survive our hot Carolina summers and at the same time, we are on the northern boundary where warm season grasses are dormant for about eight months out of the year. The transition zone is the most challenging place for lawns to thrive since it is not idea for any grass type year-round.

How High Should I Mow my Lawn in Summer or Winter?


Fescue should be mowed at about 4 inches in the summer to enhance deeper roots and shade out any invading weeds or Bermuda. This will do more to stop Bermuda than any other traditional weed killer that we can use. The taller turf will also prevent the soil from drying out quickly in the Waxhaw NC & Mint Hill NC heat.

Bermuda needs to be mowed short, to about 1 to 1-1/2 inches. This is often difficult for many homeowners, who like to mow it higher or those only have a rotary mower and not a reel mower. However, Bermudagrass will perform best when mowed to this height.

Difference Between Fescue and Bermuda Grasses?


 Cool Season Fescue is the majority choice of most homeowners. It will stay green all year long in our climate. However, it is subject to heat and drought stress as well as disease in the summer months. During the summer a large amount of the fescue can be lost unless the proper protocols are followed.  If you are looking for a lush, thick lawn that extends upward from your sidewalk, Fescue is for you! If you like the look of most golf courses and you don't mind the yard being brown in the cool months, Bermuda or Zoysia may be a good choice for you.  Team Turf has a lawn care program any type of grass you select for your lawn. 

How Often Should I Water my Lawn?


A couple of times a week should be sufficient. When you water, water thoroughly, lets it soak in and then water again. We like to water at 2 AM and again at 6 AM a couple of days a week. You get a deeper penetration of the water into the soil with this method and your water bill should be less. Sometimes you may get curb burn out from the radiating heat from the street. We recommend using a soaker hose for these areas. It takes less than you think  to keep this area green, the addition of water just a couple times a week during the hottest part of the summer will certainly help!  

Professor John's Pro Tip

Avoid frequent watering cycles, as these cause shallow root growth.

What is Lawn Fungus or Brown Patch?

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Brown patch is a type of fungus that lawns are prone to in hot, humid conditions. This disease is the biggest problem for fescue lawns. The fungus kills out the fescue, then invasive Bermuda and weeds fill in and you have the making of a mess in your lawn. It is critical because when your lawn goes dormant, it will come back to life. If it dies from disease, it is done. The only remedy is to aerate and over seed in the fall with new seed. Our lawn care program includes this disease control to help with this problem.  If left untreated, fungus can spread throughout the entire lawn.  Fungus and brown patch are provoked by afternoon thundershowers.   

Best Practices for Lawn Mowing in Charlotte


 Professional Lawn Mowing TIps

  • Use sharp blades on your mower! Dull mower blades can ruin months of progress on a lawn.
  • Ragged ripped grass blades lose a lot more water and are much more susceptible to disease.
  • Your lawn will have a gray cast to it (about a day later) when the mower blades are dull.
  • Remove only about a 1/3 with each cutting. Mow once, then lower the blade and mow again if needed.
  • Mow in different directions with each cutting and watch for ruts.
  • Do not bag clippings. This is worth about a bag of fertilizer to you per year. Fescue clippings do not cause thatch.

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