Fertilizer & Weed Control Services in Waxhaw & Mint Hill NC


Fortified Organic Program

Our lawn care services are unique! All of our lawn care programs include pre-emergent weed controls, calcium, micro-nutrients, both liquid and granular fertilizers along with disease controls and products to help with summer stress.  Fortified Organics refers to the fact that we also feed the soil with organic material as well as provide nutrients and health controls for the turf plant all year long. 

Fescue Lawn Care Program

Our lawn care program for fescue lawns includes ten applications per year.  Within our regular program, four fungus control applications are included to ensure optimal turf health. In addition to our regular fertilizer and weed control program, we encourage homeowners with fescue lawns to aerate and over-seed annually in the fall to replenish turf annually for a thick, lush lawn.

Bermuda Lawn Care Program

Our Bermuda or Bermudagrass lawn care program includes eight applications per year.  Bermuda grass in Charlotte is dormant during the cooler months, resulting in the need for less lawn care applications.  Aeration is done on bermudgrass in the hot summer months, when Bermuda is happy, healthy and thriving at it's best.

Aeration or Aeravation & Over-Seeding Fescue

Fescue grass can get stressed from the Charlotte summer heat and possibly damaged by vehicle or foot traffic. It does not grow back on its own! The planting of new seeds is necessary to repair thinning areas and keep the rest of the lawn from thinning out. In addition, soil becomes compacted throughout the year.  Aeration or aeravation relieves this compaction and allows water and nutrients to freely flow to the root system of the turf. Team Turf only uses 100% weed-free, blue tag fescue seed for your aeration and seeding. A slow release granular fertilizer with bio-organic matter is then applied as a fall fertilizer to jump start your lawn and it keep it green.

Compost Services in Waxhaw & Mint Hill NC and Beyond

We offer both regular and organic compost. Compost is made from a combination of worm castings and other nutrients, which serves a powerful and productive soil amendment. One of the easiest and most beneficial amendments to the soil is adding compost. Compost is so beneficial, it can be added any time. 

Top Dressing Bermuda & Zoysia Grasses

Top Dressing Bermuda and Zoysia grass is done in the summer months to add a new layer to the existing soil. Topdressing will minimize excessive thatch and promote healthier root systems. Topdressing can also be used to level the lawn and remove any low spots.

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