How Much does a Lawn service cost?


The Cost of Lawn Care in Charlotte, NC

You are on our website, why not talk about costs. I imagine you are interested in that part of selecting a company.  We know that our business is a want, not a need. We are in a service business, to give you a beautiful lawn and save you time and money to spend doing other things in our busy world. Our pricing is base on VALUE, at a fair and competitive price, giving you the healthiest lawn on the block. 

First, your grass area is measured, either in person or via special software. We then price your lawn per 1000 square feet, which will be from about $15 to $20 per thousand on very small properties, to $8 to $15 per thousand on medium and very large properties.  The reason the difference on bigger properties is all the fixed costs of the truck, equipment, insurance, labor, drive time, and many other factors to get to your property with the equipment and people needed is a certain amount regardless of the square footage we are treating.  There is a minimum charge to include travel time for your trained technician. 


Fungicide applications, very important in the Carolinas, due to hot summers.  The cost will run from about $15 per thousand sq. ft. on a 7 thousand square foot lawn at a prevent rate with other summer nutrients, to about $20 per thousand at a curative rate without any other other summer nutrients. Therefore, a prevent rate is much more cost effective and contains other nutrients.  When we have to cure existing brown patch after the fungus has developed, we have to use a much heavier rate of fungicide. The  damage is already done, and there is no fix if the turf plant was killed by the fungus until aeration and over seeding in the fall. For this reason, fungicide is included in all our fescue lawn programs.

Service calls to address any questions or concerns you may have on lawn are always done free of charge for our full service lawn care program customers.

How Much Does Lawn Aeration & Seeding Cost?

Aeration and over-seeding is a process that is needed almost every fall to replenish fescue grass that was lost from the summer heat, drought, or disease damage. It is also the time to establish a new lawn. There are big differences in the way this is performed, from someone with a rented aerator punching holes only versus the full service lawn companies that apply premium, 100% weed-free seed at the correct rate along with starter fertilizer during the process of aerating or aeravating your lawn.  Professional aeration service will include fertilizer, seed, multiple pass aeration when needed and seed placement and hand tool use in hard to get to areas. We are a professional full service lawn company,

When we add up all the inputs of seed, fertilizer, lime, aeration equipment, and labor, this process will be about $55 per thousand square feet. Sending an experienced crew, stocked with equipment and products all conveniently scheduled in advance does have a minimum charge of $221 per lawn. 

How Much Does Topsoil Cost?


I think we are the only landscaper in Charlotte that has a top dresser that can spread topsoil onto your property evenly and quickly. We can deliver or have it delivered. We can also aeravate this material into your existing soil. This procedure has many advantages for your soil.  One of the greater benefits is adding organic matter enables more nitrogen and other nutrients to be taken up by the turf plant. Top soil also allows for a more porous soil structure to improve water absorption, can help even out some rough areas, and give an overall enhancement of your soil structure. This is a needed and often over looked method to improve our compacted red clay. 

Our price for top soil is $99 per cubic yard for most properties, which includes all the equipment and labor to spread and work it into your soil. Our delivery fees are generally around $75 to $100 for delivery, depending on distance. We pick it up at the supplier and deliver to your residence.  We do all the work and clean up the mess. 

How Much Does Mulch Installation Cost in Charlotte, NC?

Brown dyed hardwood mulch is the top choice of most customers, but there are other colors available, such as black mulch, red mulch and natural colored non-dyed mulch. We pick up at the supplier, deliver and spread for a $99 per cubic yard for most properties where we are installing 5 or more yards with an additional $95 delivery fee locally. We can also spray a pre-emergent on your beds before the mulch is put down to stop any weeds from coming through later for a small additional cost.

How Much Does Lawn Maintenance Cost?

A great lawn starts with a professional lawn mowing company!  Our lawn mowing service partners know the proper mow height for every season.  They partner with us to provide feedback on your lawn's conditions weekly. The cost of a mowing service will vary greatly depending on the size of your lot, number of trees that drop leaves on to your lawn and the number of landscape beds to edge.  You can expect to pay approximately $200 per month for a standard lot size with minimal trees. Your mowing service is divided into 12 easy payments on our budget billing system.  Your price includes up to 42 service visits per year to keep your lawn healthy, green and well maintained!

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