We Aerate Lawns in Charlotte NC Waxhaw Nc Mint Hill NC area

Aeration First


We start by aerating your lawn with our walk behind core aerators, aeravators, power core aerators and hand tools. Whatever your lawn needs, we have the right equipment and the best trained technicians for your lawn renovation to begin!  Aeration relieves lawn compaction and allows the water and nutrients to flow to the root system of your fescue grass.

Premium Fescue Seed


We generously apply premium "blue tag certified" 100% weed-free fescue seed carefully selected to withstand the disease, drought and heat of the Charlotte area summers. We are very careful not get set seed in landscape beds and other places where it is unwanted.  We will blow off your sidewalks and driveway after service, leaving no mess behind!

Fall Fertilizer


Our fall fertilizer is a specially formulated blend of bio-organic matter and traditional fertilizers.  This will provide the nutrients needed to jump start your new seed germination while slowly feeding your lawn to keep it  looking good until our next visit. Lawn program client will receive free spot seeding as needed with their next two lawn applications.

prepay & save 5% on aeration, over-seeding & fall fertilizer

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